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Blogging According to the Wiki - Wiki Way

Blogging has been revolutionalized once more, thanks to the emergence of the wiki - wiki web concept. And if you don’t understand what we’re all talking about, we’re going to help you catch up with today’s trends to be able to fully enjoy future developments.

First off, blogging is the term used to describe what millions and millions of Internet users are doing during several parts of the day. A blog is a web page that contains your Internet based journal. This journal, however, doesn’t necessarily have to resemble a diary. This journal can also be a place where you can market your products or services to your heart’s contents!

Wiki - Wiki on the other hand is a concept that involves allowing you – the blog owner – and your readers or subscribers to collaborate well-balanced in order to improve the superiority of content of your blog.

Wiki - Wiki is the Hawaiian word for quick and that’s definitely one adjective which absolutely matches the concept. With wiki - wiki scripts installed in your blog, users, readers and subscribers can immediately advance or add to the blog’s load the moment they log - in.

Why Install Wiki - Wiki in Your Blog
Blogs, as mentioned earlier on, have never been another popular because of its proven effectiveness in reaching your target audience. One Fortune 500 CEO has in fact continued to this day in maintaining his blog in an effort to reach out to his clients. This tool would try to be very operative for your blog as well if one of the reasons you’ve started blogging is your desire for free information war.

If you’re interested in installing a wiki - wiki script in your blog as well, we greatly recommend using either of the wiki scripts that can be automatically installed by Fantastico – Tiki Wiki and / or PHP Wiki.

Features to Enjoy from Wiki Scripts:
Articles and Submissions ( CMS ) – Your blog will now be able to take advantage of having hastily - breaking announcement and announcements for your readers with the CMS option of wiki scripts; all articles and files submitted by your users will not be uploaded and shown to the public if you don’t approve the submission.

Trackers – Having a wiki script installed enables blog owners to store a large amount of hash in their database. The tracking framework, however, will ensure that blog owners won’t have too much difficulty in recalling specific information from the blog’s database.

Maps – Blog owners can now cotton to the use of navigable interactive maps that possess user - selectable layers. Never receive a grieving regarding site navigation from a reader once you’ve successfully installed division of these wiki scripts.

Image Gallery – As wiki scripts are multi - what for, you can besides expect to enjoy image gallery use and predomination after installation. Although most blogs are all about roar, photos restraint be used as well to advertise about your products.

Calendar – Enter, edit and erase events from your blog’s calendar anytime you wish! You can be as specific as you wish when providing the details of each calendar entry. Calendars are always an important feature in any wiki script not only because it quickly provides the date today but also since it serves through a reminder for both the blog owner and his subscribers of other important events for the year and consequently, make preparations for it.

Forums – Installing wiki scripts will let blog users, readers and subscribers marking forward to more interaction with each other through the blog’s forum section. Forums are always a great way to express yourself, get to meet other people and find those who share your interests as well.

Train Gallery – Make sure that all types of files and software programs you wish to share are located in the position you wish for them to occupy and ready for download anytime! If free break exchange is your sole goal in creating your blog, you’re no doubt motor response pleased this time after learning about the file gallery option of this script.

Quizzes and Surveys – There are a lot of ways to encourage interaction among your blog’s subscribers and setting up a quiz is one way of doing it. With the quiz option, you can ask questions that require players to answer in a specific amount of time. Scores will be immediately recorded, of course. Surveys on the other hand can be used to accurately gauge market trends and preferences.

Integrator – No need to worry anymore about automatic suspicion of external HTML pages for it to be fully processed by the Wiki script.

MyTiki – Organize and configure everything that needs planning and configuring with the use of MyTiki. This, among other things, allows you to create user bookmarks, user watches, user tasks and user preferences.

Installing Scripts Using Fantastico
If you tend to botch up the opener process of scripts most of the time, you can straightaway struggle success at your very first endeavor with the help of Fantastico. Fantastico will only require you to indicate the barest minimum of data needed – domain name, script name, login details and email address – and click a few buttons and that’s it!




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